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When looking to promote your business, you may struggle to settle upon a building sign design. There are so many signage options available from rustic to modern, playful to professional. Depending on the nature of your brand, product and message, your sign will need to reflect the personality of your business in an effective way.

Working out how to do this can be a real challenge; what material to use, how big the sign should be and what design to go with are all very confusing and time-consuming processes. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about building signage solutions. Let’s take a look…

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Commercial & Architectural Signage

Commercial external building signage can help your business make an immediate positive first impression on your customers. Designed to attract attention, commercial signage can be effective as wall-mounted fascia displays or even as freestanding monoliths. These signs are made to be easy to read and spot even from a distance, properly integrated building signage can elevate the awareness of your brand and business space.

If you have a bigger premises and are looking for something more sculptural than a traditional, simple display, you may even wish to invest in larger architectural signage. Architectural signage is designed to complement its surroundings and blend more seamlessly into the design of your space, in contrast to the more simplistic approach of normal commercial building signage.

Internal Building Signage

Another practical advantage of building signage is when they are used for any internal wayfinding. Every company will have some form of navigational signage, from important health and safety signs highlighting fire escapes, signs showing different departments, to simple signs for toilets or kitchen spaces.

Internal signage enables you to seamlessly guide both potential customers and visitors to your business space with helpful infographics. Hospitals, airports, hotels, schools; anywhere with multiple sectors for visitors will benefit from the use of internal building signage.

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Window Lettering

Another simple building signage solution is the use of window lettering. These allow you to easily display any important brand messaging, allowing you to divert attention from any passers-by. Minimalistic in their design, window lettering is an effective, understated example of building signage that is incredibly easy to install.

If you have a limited space for your premises, window lettering also allows you to make full use of your location, by incorporating your window as part of your overall display. The vinyl stickers used for this lettering is also easily removable, meaning you can change your display at a moment’s notice.

Digital Building Signage

Whilst traditional signage has its uses in every business space, for display purposes, you may also want to invest in using digital building signage, such as indoor digital posters and digital freestanding displays. This form of building signage can convey a sense of modernity and technological innovation, helping you to more readily interact with your consumers.

As well as looking fantastic and engaging passing consumers and visitors to your business, digital signage also helps you to cut down costs and save space. You can also easily swap out what is on display, allowing your signage to be more representative of new promotional opportunities and product lines.

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