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Make a statement with indoor poster displays.

Alpen Signs’ digital indoor poster displays are created to put your promotions front and centre. You provide the message, we provide the resources, and your audience will respond accordingly.

  • Promote Products and Services

  • Display Vital Information

  • Entertainment

  • Wayfinding

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Ultra-Configurable Hardware

Extensive Screen Size Options

Commercial Grade Technology

Full High-Definition Screen Panel

Modern Tablet-Like Design

Suitable For Multiple Applications

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Highly configurable. Built to order hardware.

To ensure that our products meet your exact requirements, we offer highly-customisable solutions. Alpen offer a digital poster screen that is not only built-to-order but also delivered in days. First pick your perfect size, and then configure your digital signage poster display based on the following options:

Choose from either landscape or portrait screen orientation. The best screen for your business will depend on the digital content you want to display; does it look better in portrait or landscape?

Choose from the following integrated media player options:

  • Entry-Level Android OS Media Player
  • Enterprise-Level Windows OS (i3 PC) Media Player
  • Premium-Level Windows OS (i5 PC) Media Player

Alternatively, you can opt for no media player (if you plan to connect to an external source). The choice is entirely yours, the most suitable option for your application depends on exactly how you plan to use the digital signage poster and what content you want to display.

You can decide whether or not you want your digital poster display to have an integrated touchscreen. Your decision should be based on whether you plan to use your digital sign to just present dynamic information or to go that step further and interact with the user.

Commercial grade displays. Built to last.

Built to withstand heavy use in demanding conditions our indoor digital poster displays are housed in industrial-grade casing made from a black powder coated steel frame. Topped with crystal-clear, tempered glass, our indoor digital posters are of the highest standard available.

Integrated premium quality speakers are supplied, as standard. To the rear there is a useful locked compartment, enabling you to keep controls, ports and connectors safely locked away. The wall-mounted model comes equipped with all fixings.

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Uncompromising quality.

The tempered glass screen, rounded corners and ultra-thin profile are all part of what makes our poster displays so eye-catching. But those that aluminium surround and sleek good looks are not fragile. Built to withstand heavy use, 24/7 this design is perfect for commercial spaces.

High definition picture.

We only use the highest quality LG panels. These provide exquisite Full HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality and a wide viewing angle, for maximum exposure. We take care of the fine details; all you need to do is organise the content for your screen.

Digital Signage – Our Approach

Here at Alpen Signs we are experienced in providing digital signage solutions for hundreds of industries across four decades. This expertise in surveying, analysing, costing and crafting bespoke signage solutions is exactly the professional approach you require when embarking upon an investment into digital signage. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we can advise and supply the latest in cutting-edge technology to help your business reach out to your modern audience.

Reaching them and appealing to them is not easy. Raised in a fast-food, consumer culture and used to receiving complex, instant information in bite-size formats, the consumer of the modern day demands sharp imagery, clear messaging and easily digestible content. You can achieve all of this with indoor digital poster displays.

When it comes to specifying the right digital signage solution for your application, we believe passionately that listening is the key to finding the right fit. That’s why you’ll only deal with our technical sales consultants. They’ll help in specifying the unique attributes for the digital sign for your business. They will also seek to understand the nature of your requirements based on location, footfall and budget and will advise your best size, processor requirements and installation sites to get maximum ROI for both you and your advertisers.

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