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Our Approach To Freestanding Signs

At Alpen, we make the complex business of freestanding signs as simple as possible for our customers.

You will find these in diverse applications including the likes of retail parks, industrial estates and large office environments. Both a-board signs and a-frame signs are generally used to advertise what is established on that estate to guide people to the place that they are looking for.

A freestanding sign solution is important to any business, which means it’s important to us. Our approach encompasses every element from the structural engineer’s calculations and foundation base works through to complete manufacture of the sign structures, installation, and on-site project management and commissioning.

Our freestanding signs options include single or double-sided, curved designs and v-shaped formats, with or without illumination. Get in contact with us to talk about your unique requirement.

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Alpen Signs – Freestanding Solutions

A totem sign or monolith sign is usually situated at the front of large complexes such as shopping centres and industrial estates, they are to outline exactly what you can find on the complex. At Alpen we have lost count of the amount of these free-standing sign structures we have created for clients, companies use this style of sign a lot because they guarantee maximum visual impact and can be seen from a distance.

With our monolith signs we can completely custom make these to any design specification, using built-up letters, magnetic letters in case a shop or business needs changing, or light up sign letters to ensure visibility at night.

Another type of free-standing sign is a swing sign, these work particularly well outside pubs, cafes and restaurants. Another name for these is an a-board sign, these essentially are a portable outdoor sign that you can use to promote your business from the outside to boost the footfall by signposting where you are to anyone who may be walking past.

Freestanding Signs – Our Approach

Companies choose Alpen Signs because of trust. We live & breathe traditional signage and have for decades; with these years of experience, we have developed a design strategy to help understand our client’s needs, and it’s worked pretty well.

We have a 5-step approach to this which includes a site survey where we gather all the information on-site to ensure the project runs smoothly at each avenue.

We then embark on the signage, which our experienced designers set about doing, working on various platforms to ensure they meet the design brief.

We have the capabilities in-house to create something completely bespoke, offering our clients design-led solutions for their monolith sign or swing signs.

Whatever the location, our experienced sign installation team will deliver and install all bespoke, traditional and digital sign schemes to you across the UK and beyond, and maintenance you ask – well we include this in the signage supply package to ensure all aspects of your signage upkeep requirements are considered.

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