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Make a point with indoor freestanding displays.

Alpen Signs’ indoor freestanding displays offer a classy way to animate your brand and promotions. They’re fully freestanding and can be situated wherever you want to create the maximum impact.

  • Product Promotion

  • Displaying Information

  • Entertaining

  • Wayfinding

freestanding digital display

Highly Configurable Hardware

Extensive Range of Screen Sizes

Commercial Grade Technology

Full High Definition (HD) Panel

Streamlined Tablet Aesthetic

Suitable For Multiple Applications

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freestanding digital sign

Highly configurable. Bespoke digital solutions.

To ensure that our products fulfil your exact requirements, we build full customisable digital hardware. Alpen offers freestanding digital posters that are built-to-order. Not only that, but they can be with you in days. Choose your size, configure your freestanding digital display and then choose from the following options:

Choose from either black or white. Both look great! Which do you prefer?

Choose from the following integrated media player options:

  • Entry-Level Android OS Media Player
  • Enterprise-Level Windows OS (i3 PC) Media Player
  • Premium-Level Windows OS (i5 PC) Media Player

… Or even opt for no media player (if you plan to connect to an external source). The choice is entirely yours, and the most suitable option for your application will depend on exactly how you plan to use the digital sign and what content you wish to display.

You can decide whether you want your display to have an integrated touchscreen or not. Your decision should be based on whether you plan to use your digital sign to present dynamic information or go that step further and interact with the user.

Commercial grade kiosks. Built to last.

Alpen Signs’ freestanding digital displays utilise the highest quality materials. A top-notch LG panel and high-tech electronics. All components are housed within a robust industrial-grade case consisting of a black powder coated steel frame. Tempered glass shields a crystal-clear screen, which coupled with the integrated speakers is built to the highest standards.

On the back of the freestanding digital sign, you’ll find a conveniently located locked compartment for controls, ports and all connectors. The freestanding digital displays come with secure, stable base. Deliberately made to be heavy it is not easily toppled. Supplied in the same sleek colour as the screen itself it blends in effortlessly.

freestanding digital signage

Perfection in design.

The super-slim profile, tempered glass screen and rounded corners give our screens the look of a standard tablet. Designed for public spaces though, they are much more than just a pretty face. They are built to withstand use in public spaces 24 hours a day.

Flawless clarity in HD.

We use high-quality LG panels to provide outstanding picture quality With Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a wide viewing angle, your freestanding displays will be eye-catching and sharp. We look after the tech; all you need to do is to source the imagery.

Digital Signage – Our Approach

Here at Alpen Signs, we have been providing signage solutions for hundreds of industries since 1983. This experience has given us expertise in assessing, analysing, pricing and engineering bespoke signage solutions. This is exactly the approach you need when investing in digital signage. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we supply the latest in cutting-edge technology to help your business reach your target audience.

Reaching a modern audience and appealing to them is not easy. Raised in a fast-moving consumer culture and used to receiving complex, instant information, the modern consumer demands clear messaging, sharp imagery, and easily digestible content. You can achieve all of this with indoor freestanding displays.

When it comes to finding the right freestanding digital signage solution for your business, we believe that listening is the key to finding the right fit. That’s why you’ll only ever deal with our technical consultants. They’ll help in identifying the best fit for your company. They will seek to understand the nature of your requirements based on your location, likely footfall and available budget.

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