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Architectural signage is custom-designed, bespoke signage. Unlike standard traditional signs, architectural signage becomes a part of the scenery, blending with or standing proud of its’ surroundings. It forms a wayfinding marker, not overtly advertising but very much reinforcing a brand, concept or idea.

Often incorporating an element of artistic flair, symbolism and almost always designed in a 3D, monumental concept, an architectural sign represents a permanent superiority within their given sphere of influence or industry sector.

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Architectural Signage Vs. Commercial Signage

Commercial signage fulfils a simple function. It tells people you’re open, what you sell, what you’re called and where you are. Use of colours, materials and technologies are used to great effect within the world of commercial business. This said, you get what you pay for. Commercial designs are for the quick sale, immediate impact.

Architectural signage works on a broader concept and are a sign of resilience and superiority. Words become monolithic blocks; logos become concept sculptures. They represent an investment of time, money and focused marketing of your brand and ideas.

Reinforces Your Brand – Famous Examples Of Architectural Signage

An architectural sign is more than just words or a logo. It is a symbol, a monument, a statement. It could be argued that in some ways, the Statue of Liberty is architectural signage. And in some grand way it is and was a literal beacon of hope to millions of refugees who sailed into New York after the two world wars. Similarly, the Hollywood sign is an architectural sign, creating a huge, visible monument to the fledgling film industry of Los Angeles, it put Hollywood, California on the map as a destination to be sought out and experienced.

Architectural signage is used not only to represent a brand, or a logo but also to convey an idea or a concept. The rotating three-sided sign outside New Scotland Yard is an excellent example of this. Providing a visible reinforcement of the power and professionalism of the London Metropolitan Police Force, its’ rotating motion creates a sense of constant vigilance to tackle crime.

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Nottingham Crown Court, built in 1981, is faced with sandstone. Hewn from the same rock upon which the city herself sits, the royal crest, carved into the stone edifice, represents a permanence of justice and reinforces the power of the Crown to execute that justice in the city of Nottingham.

Therefore, architectural signage reinforces policies, authority and influence. These bespoke sign solutions are designed to complement and highlight the overall design of the building, enhancing the surroundings and strengthening the image of the brand.

Architectural Signage – State-Of-The-Art Design

The materials used in the construction of architectural signage can be state-of-art or traditional depending upon the application. There is a certain degree of craftsmanship and creativity about the way in which an architect will detail an architectural sign. Created as the finishing touch to their design concept, it will incorporate clever design, intelligent engineering and a material which blends effortlessly with the built environment around it.

A Permanent Monument

Architectural signage works as a concept because of its permanence and its resonance. Paying close attention to every minute detail, the architect will design and create a sign which is a monument in its own right, which is securely fixed, and which is designed to be a permanent fixture in its environment. Designed to last, architectural signs enable your brand to go beyond product and logo and to convey your ethos, superiority and longevity within your sphere.

Why Should You Work With Alpen?

For almost 40 years, we have pushed the envelope of design and innovation, challenging perceptions and exceeding expectations. We have created stunning signage strategies for hundreds of clients and completely reimagined the design concept.

Alpen Signs have a long tradition of working with architects, specifiers and designers to craft truly bespoke pieces which reinforce brand awareness and give companies a dominant presence within their environments. Whatever your material, style or application, our team of designers and master craftsmen are ready and able to assist you in creating truly spectacular architectural signage.

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