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Looking for a new business sign?

Here’s a summary of signage options available

If you’re planning on starting a new business venture or looking to elevate your existing business there are a few different types of traditional signage and digital signage solutions you should consider.

We have put together a comprehensive guide explaining the different types of signs that are available below and how to apply them to your brand.

Types of Freestanding Signs

freestanding sign is exactly as it sounds, a sign which is not fixed to a wall but which stands independently. Supported permanently by ground poles or a solid base, they are some of the most popular types of signs for businesses. Usually installed at the front of the business premises, freestanding signs act to advertise the business to passing traffic.

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Monolith Signs & Totem Signs

Totem signs or monolith signs are also a popular style for small or large businesses alike. However, this style is most commonly used on an industrial estate or business park highlighting the shops available or used as a way-finder for a particular business. Monoliths are a great way of attracting passing trade, showcasing relevant information about the business in bite-size format.

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Swing Signs

Swing signs are a great way of outdoor advertising your business, they either have a custom printed graphic panel or a poster holder. The panels are held to the frame by small hinges allowing the sign to swing in the wind, this makes the sign suitable for windy conditions. There are different styles of swing signs, some come on hard bases with a frame, others can be applied to a bracket and attached to the side of your building, ultimately – advertising your brand at a higher level to be visible from a greater distance.

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A-Board & A-Frame Signs

This style of sign is effectively a sandwich board sign, situated outside businesses at ground level, outdoors and designed to promote to passers-by. These styles of signs tend to promote any offers, brands or products that the business wants to advertise. A-board signs fold out from the top with hinges and have four legs to allow the sign to sit level to the ground.

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Sign Letters

Sign letters are individual letters that come in a selection of different styles, colours and fonts. Sign letters are a custom-made sign technique. This style can be used in any application however it is a popular format for the exterior walls of pubs, clubs, and restaurants.

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The colour, material, and size of your letter sign is completely up to you and bespoke to your specific business. Alpen Signs have the capacity to create hand-crafted, beautiful 3D letters through to flat cut letters which are precision cut. Our signage solutions for individual letters come in a huge range of materials and finishes including aluminium, bronze, acrylic, perspex and stainless steel to name just a few. Fancy some light-up letters? Alpen can also illuminate using energy-efficient LED’s.

Wall Signs

Wall signs are generally parallel with or fixed to an exterior wall of a building, typically called a fascia sign and commonly found above the doors of a business. This type of sign application is found in retail parks, shop fronts, and other large customer-facing buildings but can be found at the front of head office buildings as well. Alpen can create personalised wall signs which are bespoke to your business, using your logo, colours, and font to ensure they are on-brand.

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Other Types of Wall Signs

There are other forms of wall signs which can be applied to your business to help aid brand awareness and advertising to convert sales and assist with wayfinding. We have outlined these below for you, to help you understand the differences between the styles:

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What is a Projecting Sign?

Projecting signs are the most common type of signage seen on the high street after fascia signs. Like swing signs, they are mounted to the exterior wall of a building with sign wall mounts. They can be made from many different materials such as wood, metal and acrylic.

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Neon Wall Signs & LED Wall Signs

Since it was first unveiled at the ‘Paris Motor Show’ in 1910, neon lighting has been the signage of choice for everywhere from trendy bars to late-night kebab houses. Neon lighting is different to LED lighting as it has a more aesthetically-pleasing light, emitting a warmer glow than LED lighting. LED signs are a brighter light and can be seen from a greater distance.

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Wall Light Signs

Wall light signs are usually smaller in size but can be enlarged if required. Commonly used behind reception desks within buildings, exteriors of buildings with the building name or number laser cut into the material or used for emergency exit and health and safety signs. Typically, wall light signs are backlit to make the text really stand out.

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Metal Wall Signs

Alpen Signs provide metal wall signs in a variety of different metals which are more hard-wearing for exterior use. Requiring very little maintenance, they are easy to clean and have a modern contemporary aesthetic.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics, stickers and decals are a signage technique used for advertising products that are directly attached to a window. They are usually made from a type of film that adheres to glass, which doesn’t damage the surface, allowing you to change them with new offers or product launches. They are available in different styles and sizes and, at Alpen Signs, they are completely customisable.

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Shop window decals or car window decals are typically the most common place you would see this style of signage. Alpen Signs produce custom window decals – this style can be applied to any business application. We have the capacity to deal with large multi-site orders, within short timeframes.

Digital Signage

Alpen Signs produce digital signage which provides businesses with an interactive signage display to promote their products and services, display important information to their clients, entertain and enhance their business as well as wayfinding within the building.

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Unlike traditional signage our digital screens can be altered or updated at the click of a button with the help of a central system that enables you to remotely update the content across a network of screens, it is a truly effective method of engaging with your audience.

Because all Alpen’s products are completely bespoke, there isn’t a set price. At the point of sale, we will provide you with a price package tailored to the order and features requested.

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