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How Alpen Signs Can Assist You With Your Wayfinder Signs

Directional wayfinding signage is essential information that guides people through physical environments to enhance their understanding and experience of the space, ultimately ensuring people that get where they need to go and providing the directions to get there.

directional wayfinding signage

It is particularly important within built up and complex areas, such as the healthcare sector, urban and hospitality sectors, also transportation and educational facilities. When routes become more difficult, people will need visual directions to assist with guiding them to their destination.

Wayfinder Signs For Healthcare Facilities

When installing wayfinder signs within healthcare facilities, you need to install trust and loyalty to your patients. Hospitals are usually made up of many buildings and not just one structure, this can cause navigation issues, as well as this, people who are visiting hospitals are usually anxious and under stress.

So good easy-to-follow, directional signage is important to ensure people can get from A to B with no problems, the incorporation of both symbols and colours can create a smooth journey for people as text-based messaging can be more difficult to decipher.

directional wayfinding signage

Wayfinding Signage Within The Education Sector

The education sector is fairly similar to the healthcare sector in the sense that as the demand for expansion grows, more and more educational buildings are built to accommodate. Effective wayfinding signage is key within educational buildings to ensure that there is a smooth transition from building to building on large complexes. So, the use of door plaques and directories are crucial to help students get to their next destination at busy times.

When considering wayfinder signs, you also need to consider extending to the outdoors as well, such as car park signs, gym signs, playing field signs and campus shop signs, another consideration is health and safety signs, and a clear directional sign is vital for your evacuation plan.

Directional Signage Within Urban Settings

In built up city centres, where it can be hard to navigate for both motorists and pedestrians a wayfinding system is essential particularly for tourists visiting. These can be found where a train or tram station is present or if there are local landmarks or museums which can be visited.

A good wayfinding signage system is a great way of showing people where they are and where to go next, providing them with a mental map of the routes within the area.

Wayfinding Signage For The Transportation Sector

When it comes to the transportation sector there is a whole lot of directional signage needed, particularly within airports. Travellers need to be guided in busy airports to where their terminal is for boarding.

There are many places people have to be when in an airport particularly if they are running late for a flight, so good wayfinding signs are imperative to ensure they reach that final destination and any other stops along the way, such as restaurants, duty-free, check-in and gate numbers.

Alpen Signs specialise in comprehensive digital signage and traditional signage solutions to communicate and direct where people should be heading within these business sectors. If you have any signage needs, then please speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to assist you with a wayfinding solution.

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