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How Stickers Can Help Your Business Thrive

When you start off in business, branding is key. Getting your name out there and letting people know who you are and what you do is critical to gaining customer loyalty and making those crucial sales that enable your business to grow.

One way you can do this is to affix stickers bearing your logo to your packaging, product or marketing communications to effectively brand your offering, without the expensive outlay of having packaging and products pre-branded.

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Stickers For A Growing Business

Initially, it will make sense to go to an online printing supplier as you will be ordering small quantities but as you grow, you will need larger quantities and for many the associated costs of this become prohibitive. The trouble is, by now you have established yourself as ‘The Homemade Sweetshop’ and your little personal touches, like your cute ‘thank you’ business stickers, will be very much part of what endears you to your customer base. So, you’ll probably want to keep that ‘fluffy’ feel to your brand even though you’ve long since expanded from boiling up lemon sherbets in your own kitchen!

Coping With Capacity Orders

This is where a company like Alpen Signs comes in. Alpen are a large-scale operation with almost 40 years-experience in the signage and branding industry. We specialise in high-volume, quick turnaround orders. Because we operate day and night, the wheels are always turning at Alpen. So, once initial design and set up has been confirmed, the cost of producing business stickers and decals is relatively low.

Multiple Purposes For Stickers

It may be that your company requires asset labels for their IT inventory, you may be a PAT tester and need PAT testing labels, a florist, a smoothie manufacturer or a baker of made to order cakes. Whatever your niche, there’s a sticker for you. Labels for bottles can be supplied on large orders so that they can be applied by you on site as an ongoing part of your bottling process.

Business Stickers In The Office

On a more corporate level, you may choose to use branded decals and adhesive signs for wayfinding and information within your organisation. That granular level of branding, using colour, tone of voice and font is what gives your staff and visitors that clear message of brand identity, and Alpen Signs are well placed to assist you in achieving that.

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