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How Personalised Bar Signs Can Work for Your Business

Now the restrictions within the UK are lifting and bars, clubs and restaurants are starting to re-open and get back to some normality. We at Alpen wanted to reiterate the importance of good quality bar signs and how they can attract customers into your establishment, which let’s face it is pretty important after a year off.

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Many businesses are now thinking about incorporating a little more signage to make life a little easier when encouraging customers to eat and drink with them and not their competition. Whatever the sector, good signage, and information is always important. Below are our top tips for creating signage for bars that is successful for conversions and the types of signage that catches the eye of potential customers…

Show Your Customers What You Are Doing

When considering bar signs for your business you need to ensure you are telling your customers what you are doing. This is when combining your bar signs and what you may be advertising on social media come into play, especially post-covid as people aren’t necessarily comfortable venturing out just yet.

We also advise keeping the messaging upbeat and precise, you’ll be surprised what a difference this will make as customers are more likely to enter if the signage is inviting. As well as this there are a few types of signs which capture the attention of people walking by such as neon bar signs and light up bar signs. This style of sign we are seeing more of. They can be installed outdoors as the main sign focus or you can use this style indoors with catchy phrases which are on-brand; targeting those customers who like a good photo opportunity for social media.

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Adding a Personal Touch

You may think it’s cost-effective to opt for generic signs however you could be missing a trick when it comes to personalised bar signs or branded signs. Adding a touch of branding to your signs, even just standard signs within the property should have an element of your brand name. Personalised bar signs are a good way of attracting customers as they are very personal to your business and the style of your bar – the sky is literally the limit with bespoke bar signage, you design it, we make it.

This one is important to conversions within your establishment. So, some may think that buying off the shelf may be a good idea, however, this could be detrimental to your brand and could give the wrong message to customers. So, adding that personal touch with personalised bar signs is a good way of incorporating the style of the business into the signage but also providing customers with relevant information especially post covid; customers will want to know the restrictions within different businesses as they can vary.

How Signage Can Help Your Business & Customers

Take a tour of your surroundings and as a business what do you think is missing from both an employee and a customer point of view. Decide what can be added to ensure a smooth-running throughout the day. As we are now entering a phase of ‘living with covid-19’, adding relevant signs to ensure customers are aware of where they can sit, where sanitising stations are set up, and if you have any personal signs to your restrictions as a company. This will help assist with a safe environment for your customers and help your staff by saving time spent explaining this information to new customers entering the premises.

Alpen’s products are completely bespoke, so there isn’t a set price, so we will tailor your requirements especially for you and your project, providing you with a bespoke experience.

For help on your bar sign needs then please contact a member of our team who can assist you with information on what Alpen Signs can do for your project.

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