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A light box sign is a 3-dimensional box which can be illuminated to promote a business. Providing visibility of your brand 24 hours a day. Custom light box signs are a familiar sight on the high street being the advertising medium of choice for many of our most popular high street outlets, restaurants and coffee shops.

Outdoor light box signs are designed for use externally and are usually made up as an acrylic light box, perspex light box, aluminium light box, or a combination of all these materials.

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What Are The Benefits Of Light Box Signs?

The primary draw for using these materials is that they are relatively inexpensive, lightweight and translucent, allowing light to shine through for ultimate brand visibility. Because of their durable quality a light box display offers a visually appealing medium for advertising your brand. The advantages of using a light box sign to promote your business cannot be underestimated. With bright, eye-catching designs and colourful versatile materials you can get your message out to more people more effectively, promoting your brand and advertising your services.

Illuminated Light Box Signs – Your Options

– Light Up Signs –

The purpose of a sign is to make your company and your brand more visible. LED light box signs are perfect for this task, being visible at all times of the day or night. Signs are designed to stick out and grab your attention, light up signs do this. As you build your brand, brand recognition will lead to your signs being even more of draw as passing traffic sees and are attracted to trade with you.

– Marquee Signs –

A marquee sign acts like a large light box, illuminated banner of the type seen at service stations and truck stops. Having a huge marquee sign on your building is a great way to advertise your presence and promote your business.

– Halo Lit Signs –

A halo lit sign is where the lighting is inserted behind the lettering to create a kind of halo effect around the lettering. Halo lighting is incredibly effective as a means of creating a word light box and advertising your business, by giving a professional look to your signage.

Dual-Sided Light Box Signs

Another feature of light box signs is that they can be double-sided. So, a protruding sign on your shop front can be visible from either side giving you and your brand maximum visibility. How many times have you been driving along and seen a ‘Golden Arches’ sign in the distance? Perhaps you weren’t even considering stopping for food, but the sight of the sign and your recognition of it prompts a response. This is how light up signs can be used to great effect.

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