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Traditional Signage Is More Important Than Ever

In a world where innovation is key and business growth is largely dependable on the ability to adapt, digital signage might be the route you think you should take for your signage solution. You may be thinking as the high street dries up so must the demand for traditional signage companies, but this is where you are wrong…

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Companies have been using simple signs from traditional signage businesses to promote their products and presence to increase their sales for decades and the reality is that traditional signage has turned into a more effective marketing channel that’s relevant and affordable. For a huge number of small businesses and start-up companies’ signage solutions such as shop signs, hanging shop signs, shop front signs, shop fascia signs and storefront signs have become a necessity for marketing campaigns.

Even larger businesses can’t dismiss the importance and impact that traditional signage has on their presence. Corporations are utilising sign methods to grab the public’s attention with window graphics, a-board signs, wall light signs and retail shop signs. It remains a fact that you can turn someone’s head with first impressions and capture the attention of your customer with a simple (yet highly effective) sign.

Organic Presence

There are so many competitors fighting for attention within the market and the question is how do you stand out above the competition? That’s where Alpen Signs comes in to help promote you and ultimately communicate who the business is and what they have to offer.

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All businesses use signage in some way or another to communicate who they are as a brand. As a business, you need to think above and beyond and take the opportunity to market and differentiate yourself with the use of a consistent tone of voice, branding and creativity.

First Impressions & Conversions

First impressions certainly count, on average you have between 2-3 seconds to convert someone’s decision and create a good impression. Most signs that are generic get ignored, this all comes down to timing, anything meaningless and not eye-catching enough tends to be ignored.

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You want to provide your potential customers with a reason as to why they should give you their business. Using graphics, welcome signs, window wraps and window decals that are inviting and deliver a message effectively are just one way to do this.

Alpen Signs have been delivering this excellence for over 30 years as a traditional signage company which is why many trust us with their projects and repeat their business.

Innovation & Adapting

As the years go on there are always new innovations and keeping up with those trends is key to enhance your business. With the use of modern printing, you can just about achieve anything offline similar to digital. Excite your customers with new exquisite designs and help grow your business.

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Now we have given you the 411 on why traditional signage solutions are very much a key component within your business. Alpen have been raising the bar within signage for leading UK brands since 1984, from corporate signage rebranding to one-off, bespoke signs. We are constantly striving for greatness, innovating latest trends and assisting clients with every project, big or small.

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