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In a world of digital screens and social media, what is large format printing and how relevant is it for advertising today?

Large format printing has been used for many years to produce large posters and billboards. Despite the increasing popularity of digital signs, large format advertising is still a widely used process for all sizes of businesses to use for their advertising and marketing campaigns.

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How Can Large Format Printing Benefit You?

One of the primary benefits of printing in large format is the capacity to display large, vivid, vibrant images and graphics, promoting your brand’s message and story. If you are considering the medium of large format printing, we will explain how it works and suggest ways in which you can exploit its power to benefit your brand.

When Would You Need Large Format Printing?

Large format printing can be used for many versatile products and is the ideal printing process for many products.

Large format printing is used for:

+ Banners +

+ Building Wraps +

+ Point of Sale Displays +

+ Wall & Floor Graphics +

+ Tradeshow Signage +

+ Posters +

Whether you’re putting a poster on the back of a bus or covering the side of a building whilst renovations take place, the benefits of ‘saying it large’ cannot be understated. The type of ink used can withstand weather such as rain, heat, and sunlight without sustaining damage. Large format printing can print on many substrates. In fact, you can print on almost anything that will fit through the printer.

What Are the Benefits Of Large Format Printing?

Using large format printing for your printing projects can be extremely beneficial for your business. Large format enables you to display your brand in large, impactful ways. Large format printing puts your brand, ‘writ large’ on a huge scale, enabling you to make great statements to promote your brand by printing on any one of several materials.

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