VisitEngland Case Study

VisitEngland Signs Manufactured
Signs Supplied Over 2-Years
Participating UK Businesses
Aluminium Signage

A red English rose is the well-known symbol of quality accommodation for the tourist industry that Alpen Signs has been delivering nationwide since 2000.

VisitEngland is responsible for promoting the country as a world-class visitor destination, helping to expand the economy with 24,000 participating businesses under its banner. Having won the project contract Alpen Signs delivered 25,000 signs within the first two years of the project and since then the number has risen to 32,000.

Steve Coates, Sales Manager at Alpen Signs had this to say:

“We were chosen for our commitment and ability to carry out the day- to-day signage activity that is necessary for such a project, ensuring all our customers’ needs are met. We aimed to provide a first class customer service, with on-going suggestions for improvement, so whenever innovation has been required we have been able to deliver. This enables VisitEngland to focus on the strategic delivery of England’s quality accommodation agenda and leave the day-to-day activity to us.”