Mace Case Study

Mace Stores Across The UK
Mace Signs Manufactured
Year Working Relationship
Illuminated Tray Sign

Alpen has been helping put Mace on the map for over 20 years, supporting them in making the grocery convenience store a household brand.

With a raft of independent, corner shop-style outlets under its umbrella throughout the UK and Ireland, Mace needed a cohesive look to draw them under its banner – which Alpen continues to deliver through tried and trusted service.

Steve Coates, Sales Manager at Alpen Signs said:

“Providing all the imagery and internal graphics for Mace has involved fitting out over 1,000 stores throughout the whole of the UK over the years. We have built up a strong relationship with Mace and have really got to know their needs. We have developed systems specifically to suit the company’s aspirations, working hard to make sure every product is right.”