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Designing braille signs to enable blind and sight-impaired visitors to appreciate your venue is a noble but delicate matter. Internal signs are fairly easy to navigate when placed on interior doors and along corridors.

However, designing signs for an exterior landscape requires a little more thought to ensure users find the signs to be able to read them. With a little help from the “Sensory Trust”, we outline some guidelines for creating exterior braille signs…

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Allow Enough Space On The Braille Sign

Braille is a different language, incorporating sequences of dots to create letters or complete words, similar to Chinese. A typical 400-word document would take up to 2 or 3 pages in equivalent braille. This means that more space is needed to accommodate the extra words necessary for a clear braille description.

Make External Braille Signs Easy To Locate

Within the urban environment, pavements have tactile paving to alert blind pedestrians to roads and crossings. There are different patterns of blisters or corduroy to indicate different hazards. Similarly, you can develop a tactile map by experimenting with different path textures to indicate the location of a crossroads in the path, a sign with information or any other detail you want to convey such as species cards on trees etc.

Work With Your Local Blind Community

As conscientious business owners, we all seek to make our venues as accessible as possible. But sometimes our enthusiasm can be misguided. In order to best cater for your blind visitors, the best advice is to listen to them and their needs. This can be done in several ways. By inviting feedback from your blind and sight-impaired visitors, by contacting the RNIB or by contacting a local blind charity like Henshaws or Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Here at Alpen, we are experienced in creating braille signs and can work with you to create signage which makes your venue as accessible as possible. Please contact us on 0116 263 0550 should you require any further information and we will be pleased to advise you.

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