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Acrylic is a highly popular material for making signs. Its’ popularity is primarily down to two things, it is cheap to produce and extremely versatile. Whether moulding into solid acrylic 3d letters, fabricating into large 3D letters, or etching onto a single slab, custom acrylic signs of this kind can be found everywhere.

The wonderful thing about plexiglass, as it also known, is that it looks expensive, but it isn’t. Its’ sleek classy finish creates a look of high prestige and is the reason that it is often used for exclusive residences, resorts, hotels and corporate headquarters and offices.

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1 Acrylic Signs Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Acrylic is a clean, attractive shiny material. To make it look even more prestigious, you can have acrylic letters mounted on brushed or gold ‘stand-offs’. These pegs which make the acrylic 3d letters appear to float and give your acrylic sign that ‘corporate’ look. Mounted with a gold or silver metallic coloured backing, your sign will add a touch of panache to your premises. This type of ‘floating letter’ signage is also found commonly in offices on interior doors.

Because it forms at between 142℃ and 160℃, acrylic is durable to extreme weather conditions. It can withstand sustained hot, sunlight exposure without blistering or warping and freezing cold temperatures without becoming brittle or cracking. For this reason, it’s extremely popular as an exterior office signage solution.

2 Acrylic Is Customisable

Custom acrylic signs tend to be simple in design. Acrylic letters, and an icon or logo are the standard layout. However, they can be customised in multiple ways to accommodate your requirements. Available as a clear plate, frosted effect or even a solid colour, you can adjust your sign according to your exact branding and style requirements.

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3 Acrylic Is ‘On Brand’

Thanks to its versatility, you can apply your own branding style, font, livery and personality to your signage. Choose the colours which best match your brand palette or overlay more than one colour to create a blend which can be routed out to reveal colours below, the options are simply endless.

4 Acrylic Signs Can Be Illuminated

Acrylic letters can be backlit to create a halo effect or face lit from an external light source. You can illuminate acrylic 3D letters using CAB plastic, but these would appear as separate 3D letters rather than one complete sign. CAB plastic can be supplied fabricated or as channel letters with LEDs installed inside.

5 Acrylic Can Be Polished To A High Gloss Sheen

Acrylic is incredibly versatile – supplied in 8’x20′ single sheets, it can be cut to virtually any size or shape. The edges of acrylic signs can be flame polished. Applying heat to the very edge for a few seconds makes them shiny and smooth creating a highly polished look. Bevelling the edges adds a 3D effect and makes an acrylic led sign really stand out.

6 Acrylic Signs Are Easy To Maintain

Because acrylic has a shiny surface it doesn’t collect dirt in the way that some signs do, however, dusting regularly will keep them looking their shiny best. To clean your signs, use warm water and a non-abrasive, micro-fibre cloth. Interior signs maintained in this way will last for many years and enable you to continue the theme and brand awareness throughout the interior of your business premises.

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